Saturday, October 24, 2015

the heart of the matter

some wise beings who collaborated with the wind to keep me awake and alert so I could ponder the heart of the matter during the entirety of one September night on a high mountain pass in Colorado.  see the heart?  

From an ancient group of wise beings comes The Four Fold Path to Truce (aka Peace)...  

1) show up

2) pay attention

3) speak your truth (I always add, to remind myself, speak your truth in a way that can be heard, speak your truth in the most effective way possible {sometimes gentle humor helps}, speak your truth from a place of respectfulness and notice if the urge to speak up is motivated by lovingkindness or from a desire to feel righteous - this is part of paying attention, ^see # 2, above.)

and lastly, the part I most often need to remind myself of....

4) be unattached to the outcome

If I do these things ^, it is way better than feeling like I have "won" an argument.

Gratitude to Angeles Arrien for introducing me to The Four Fold Path in her cross-cultural book, "The Tarot Handbook," which has been a guiding force in my life for many, many years.  also, gratitude to Tammy, for introducing me to that book so many years ago.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

11 x 4 = 44

My bodymind turned 44 years old today, so I took it for a walk first thing when I woke up.

and during the whole walk, I said (in my head) things like, "I love you, feet.  I love you, ankles.  I love you, knees.  I love you, hips.  I love you, belly.  I love you, spine.  I love you, breasts.  I love you, neck.  I love you, face.  I love you, ears.  I love you, eyes.  I love you, brain."

and "I love you, rocks. I love you, trees.  I love you, dirt.  I love you, sky.  I love you, water.  I love you, grass.  I love you, sagebrush.  I love you, Earth."

and "I love you, Dawn.  I love you, Adam.  I love you, Jordan.  I love you, Mom.  I love you, sister.  I love you, brother.  I love you, bird.  I love you, squirrel."

I walked past an abandoned farmstead, up and up and uphill until I got to a cemetery where I took off my shoes and did some yoga.

birthday walk

When I got home, I said hello to our airbnb guests and their sweet pup who hung out with me and Adam while they went on a special hike where dogs aren't allowed.

Then I headed to my computer to log in to the online course I am taking called, "The Space Between Stories" -- this is a soul nourishing space for me.  I am deeply grateful for it.  (thank you, Charles Eisenstein and collaborators)

I want to say a lot about a lot right now, but the words have not fallen into place.

So, for now, I'll just offer up this question that came from the guest speaker of the course this morning:

"What is it to be dis-arming?" ~ Jodie Evans (Code Pink)

It is my intention to walk through all the rest of the days of this life meeting all that I encounter with Love - being wholeheartedly present, listening deeply, holding space for silence or songs, laughter or tears, curiosity and creativity, stillness or exuberant dances.

I am grateful for every sacred breath....  mine and yours.

I love you, life.

~ Dawn in Colorado