what do you believe about love right now?

I believe love is a choice and an action, or more truly a series of choices, a series of actions. I believe that each time we choose love over fear it becomes easier to choose love over fear the next time. I believe that it can become a habit to choose to love. I believe loving and being grateful are very closely related. I believe we have to be strong and brave to love and I believe we are all capable of being so strong and so brave. I believe I have so much more to learn about love and the only way to learn it is through love. I believe love is the answer even if we sometimes don't know the question yet and love doesn't always mean saying yes and love sometimes means saying goodbye. I know I am often lazy and selfish instead of loving and I believe I can become more loving and less lazy and less selfish. I believe we must also love ourselves and hold ourselves gently and forgive ourselves as well as others for the pain we feel. I believe that the kinder we are to ourselves, the kinder we can be to others. The more love we give ourselves, that much love we have for others too. I believe healing happens through love, more than through medicine. I believe pain is often just fear physically manifested and that love can often heal it. I believe that all forms of love are valid and true--- mother love, romantic love, agape, amore, spiritual love. I believe love is essential and vital and glorious. I believe in love. I believe love is more true than anything else I know. I believe one can love without understanding, but that loving is more about seeking to understand than demanding to be understood. I believe listening is a powerful form of loving.

I love this idea - lovingkindness. I love to say I love. I love to love and to be loved.