Saturday, October 16, 2010

Give Love

What does it mean to give love??


Unconditional love.


It means that I will love you even if you are "a downer" for awhile.

It means that I will love you even if you ask me for more than I am willing to give right now.

It means that I will love you even if you aren't perfect.  Even if you are sick.  Even if you aren't capable of loving me back.

What?!?  Isn't that dangerous?  Loving people who aren't loving??  What if I don't get out of this relationship as much as I put in??

Ha.  That's just it.  Relationships where there is a scorecard about who gives how much, who is more "loving"--  those relationships end up feeling bad.

What IS love??  What IS giving??

Why do we give?

Do we give because we want something in return?

I find that when I give something with absolutely no strings attached, no expectation of reciprocation, it FEELS good.  and that's it.  that's all.  I just get to FEEL really good for a minute.  and then let that feeling go.  just like I would with a headache...   I've felt it and now it's over.

But don't people get addicted to FEELing good?  What if I'm just giving for my own selfish purposes?  What if I get addicted to giving??

OMG!  What if EVERYone gets addicted to giving??

OK.  I'm sorry for being a smartass.  But seriously?!?  What if we ALL just gave in to our addiction to the wonderful feeling that we get when we do a good deed, when we make a difference for another human being?   Or for all of humanity.  When you are well, when you FEEL well, my community, Earth, is strengthened.   and when my community, my environment, is well, I am more well than if it is ailing.

What I find in this life is that when I feel like I NEED something, I need to GIVE that something.  And the bottom line is that what we ALL want, beyond survival, is love, approval, recognition of our own humanity.

I am listening to this...  MC Yogi, Give Love

I love humanity, though humanity, as a whole is hot and cold toward me.  As a species, we really do remind me of my 18 year old son.  Responsible one moment, devil may care the next.  Loving one moment, violent and angry the next.  Confused.  But like my teenage son, humanity responds to leadership, to unconditional love.

Give your love away.  Give it in the form of a hug, an ear, a $10 contribution to a community that is suffering, whatever.  But give.

Choose to love, without condition.  You don't have to be perfect for me to love you.  I don't have to know you.  You don't have to be a part of my biological family or my country for me to love you.

I.  Love.  Period.


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