Wednesday, January 5, 2011

going back to the things that melt my ice....

did you ever listen to the same song over and over and over again, melting into it?

did you ever go back to the same sweet place over and over and over again, breathing into it?

did you ever get so tangled up in another human being that you didn't know where you ended and they began?  did you struggle to disentangle yourself?  or did you luxuriate in the closeness?

did you ever long to climb into a storybook and stay there forever, wandering with the brightly drawn butterflies in the perfectly distant mountains?

did you ever fall asleep in a sunbeam on the couch with a book (or a baby) resting on your chest and gladness in your heart for a perfect moment of peace & quiet?

I didn't make a new year's resolution this year because it's my pattern to set BIG goals for myself and make BIG plans, but it's not the BIG things that make me deeply happy.   it's the songs, the ones that melt me.  and the sweet quiet secret places.  and there are a few humans that I just love being tangled up with.  oh, and storybooks, stories period.  and let's don't even talk about couches and sunbeams and books and babies.

I think this blog should be called "breathe love sleep work play listen".....  or not I guess.

but I am thinking that it will start to be about things that I deeply cherish and people that I deeply respect and the good, good, good stuff.

I need to lighten up a bit this year as compared to the second half of 2010.  I need to slow down and breathe really, really deeply, not just in yoga class or while I'm meditating, but every minute.  but I'm not resolving to lighten up or slow down....  I'm not resolving anything.  and that makes it easier to breathe.

follow the link to see some photos that were taken by me while I was breathing deeply and easily.   if you see one that you like and want to own, let me know.  if you make a donation of any amount to any cause that is dear to you, it's yours.  and if you need some ideas...  I have a few. 

tonight I heard Terry Tempest Williams speak and she was awe inspiring and also just plain inspiring.

and today I received a letter from a friend telling me about an endeavor she is beginning.  I can't think of a better person for the job and I want to support her in any way possible, so if you have an extra $10 in your pocketbook, consider donating it to her effort:

the song that played over and over again as I typed this blog tonight was Fiona Apple's "Pale September".

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